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"You don't have to give anything up to lead a healthy life"

Spirituality and good health can be achieved in a fast-paced modern lifestyle as well as in a more grounded bohemian one. Instead of making drastic changes in your current lifestyle and giving up on things you enjoy, making minor adjustments can help you attain the balance needed for life and longevity.

I specialise in healing sports or accident injuries, treating infertility and relieving age-related disorders using both modern and traditional understanding of disease for diagnosis, while treating patients using the ancient techniques from Ayurveda and Yoga.  I have also created Praanaveda, a concept to achieve physical, mental and spiritual health using a union of yoga flows, ayurvedic philosophy and rhythm from Indian classical dance.

Dr Prafullata Rajput

Ayurvedic Doctor, Yoga Teacher, Global Researcher, Social Entrepreneur, Indian Classical Dancer and Cuisinière

People Speak

It is most humbling and rewarding when my patients are positively impacted by my treatment and my students gain insights from my knowledge & philosophy.  

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A surgery for my right knee a few years back left me recuperating for almost a year. When doctors advised me an ACL surgery for my left knee, I opted for Ayurvedic treatment by Dr Rajput, instead. With her incredible treatment, I avoided the surgery, my knee healed and I gained the confidence to attempt and accomplish a trek to Everest Base Camp, one of my life goals. Thanks to Dr Rajput, I now have an active lifestyle and exercise regularly.

Satish Rao

Mumbai, India

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Documentary on Ayurvedic Treatment of Tendinopathy | A trailer | Dr Prafullata Rajput
prafullata Rajput

Documentary on Ayurvedic Treatment of Tendinopathy | A trailer | Dr Prafullata Rajput

Wrist tendinopathy, tendinitis in different joints, osteophytes, osteoarthritis and inflammation of soft tissues surrounding a joint can be very debilitating. People feel terribly frustrated with the restrictions in their movements. Many of these diseases might have only the two options of either local steroid shots or surgery. People are unaware of Ayurveda’s efficacy in completely curing some of these conditions through conservative management thus avoiding invasive surgeries. In cases like osteoarthritis, Ayurvedic treatment can provide unparalleled pain relief, allowing people to return to their normal activities. This is a trailer of a documentary that shows parts of an interview with one of my patients, Karl Pinto, who agreed to share information about his condition and publicly talk about his treatment. The complete documentary contains the origin, prognosis and diagnosis of Karl’s condition and details of his treatment. It is in the making and will be uploaded to Youtube and Vimeo soon. I am creating a series of such documentaries which will showcase the lives of some of my patients, their medical conditions, their treatment and recuperation. The intention is to create awareness about Ayurvedic management of sports & accident injuries, joints & bone disorders and other chronic diseases so that more people can access this system of medicine and get healed. Please visit my website: Karl is an artistic woodworker. You can follow him on His beautifully and meticulously handcrafted pieces get shipped all around India. Follow me on and ***Disclaimer*** All my staff doctors and I adhere to strict patient privacy and confidentiality norms. Patient case information is never discussed publicly or privately. Only de- identified case information is shared on social media and for the purpose of research & medical journals*** Such informative documentaries are made only with the patient's full written consent. To follow my clinics like and follow and Thank you for watching. Like, Share and Subscribe so the benefits of Ayurvedic treatments reach more people.
Nattyga (Bharatnatyam+Yoga) launch performance by Dr Prafullata Rajput on World Yoga Day 2021
prafullata Rajput

Nattyga (Bharatnatyam+Yoga) launch performance by Dr Prafullata Rajput on World Yoga Day 2021

Nattyga is a unique combination of Indian Classical Dance, Yoga and Music created by Dr Prafullata Rajput who is an Ayurvedic Doctor and Yoga Teacher. Her research paper for her Master's Degree in Indian Classical Dance (Bharatnatyam) was 'Healing aspects of Bharatnatyam on the parameters of Yoga and Ayurveda' The research clearly indicated that Bharatyam dancers were emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually in better health than the non-dancers. Both Bharatnatyam and Yoga improve health without the necessity of medication. These activities also have a profound connection to improved mental health. As Zumba, a dance form with its origin in South America gains prominence around the world as a fitness routine, Dr Rajput felt that this new fitness routine called Nattyga can appeal to the young and old alike. It's especially beneficial for people who want to add a certain peppiness, rhythm and flow to their yoga. For people who love music and movement, Nattyga is an ideal program that combines the fun of dance with the balance of Yoga and the rhythm of healing ragas. With very few rules, Nattyga is being developed as a safe exercise routine for people who might be prone to injuries. People will be able to gain their health goals, not only physical health but also their spiritual and mental health. Using the harmony of music based on Indian classical ragas which have therapeutic properties, Bharatnatyam dance- a dance from the Vedic era which provides physical, emotional & spiritual growth and Yoga which paves the way for the union between individual & the universe, Dr Rajput has created Nattyga. Nattyga is your new musical fitness program.... a bit like a classic Margarita... 2 portions dance, 1 portion classical ragas, 1 portion Yoga rimmed with rhythm and fun.
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