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For Dr. Rajput, patients requiring attention and treatment come first, sometimes even before her family and her personal life. As our time is limited, we will respond to your enquiry in order of urgency. We strive to respond to everyone, within 72 hours of you writing to us. 

Dr. Rajput practices from her own private clinics, in Pune and Goa. She also visits other hospitals and polyclinics in these locations as well as in other cities. Her visits are planned weeks in advance and she has an extensive travel schedule. To understand how to best reach out to her, please get in touch with us. 


Kundalini Ayurvedic Clinic, Plot 37, Sector 30/32, PCNTDA, Walhekarwadi, Chinchwad, India, 411033


The Healing Hut, Fernlodge, Dongorim, Majorda, Goa, India, 413713 

Mufeedul Ayush Medicentre, Near Classic Hospital, Malbhat, Margao, Goa, India, 403601

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