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"You don't have to give anything up to lead a healthy life"

Spirituality and good health can be achieved in a fast-paced modern lifestyle as well as in a more grounded bohemian one. Instead of making drastic changes in your current lifestyle and giving up on things you enjoy, making minor adjustments can help you attain the balance needed for life and longevity.

I specialise in healing sports or accident injuries, treating infertility and relieving age-related disorders using both modern and traditional understanding of disease for diagnosis, while treating patients using the ancient techniques from Ayurveda and Yoga.  I have also created Praanaveda, a concept to achieve physical, mental and spiritual health using a union of yoga flows, ayurvedic philosophy and rhythm from Indian classical dance.

Dr Prafullata Rajput

Ayurvedic Doctor, Yoga Teacher, Global Researcher, Social Entrepreneur, Indian Classical Dancer and Cuisinière

People Speak

It is most humbling and rewarding when my patients are positively impacted by my treatment and my students gain insights from my knowledge & philosophy.  

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A surgery for my right knee a few years back left me recuperating for almost a year. When doctors advised me an ACL surgery for my left knee, I opted for Ayurvedic treatment by Dr Rajput, instead. With her incredible treatment, I avoided the surgery, my knee healed and I gained the confidence to attempt and accomplish a trek to Everest Base Camp, one of my life goals. Thanks to Dr Rajput, I now have an active lifestyle and exercise regularly.

Satish Rao

Mumbai, India

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